Rare launches a full-game update to Sea Of Thieves squashing a lot of day one bugs

Posted on March 28, 2018 by Rectify Gaming

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Sea of Thieves has received its first update, and it is a sizeable one. The launch of Rare’s online pirate adventure game has been about as rough as the seas on which players have been sailing for the past week.
Version 1.01 brings a host of fixes for “top issues” observed by the development team since launch. The update went live during this morning’s offline maintenance window, during which Rare handled client-side problems as well. The download itself ranges from 10GB to 20GB depending on which platform is owned by the player. Xbox One will have a 10GB download whereas both Xbox One X and PC will require 20GB of space. The next update for Sea of Thieves, whenever it hits, is said to be much smaller in size.
Here are the full patch notes, including known issues that are on deck to be addressed next:

Fixed Issues

  • Players who have redeemed their Black Dog Pack pre-order code will now correctly see these items in their in-game chests. Not received your code? Check your Xbox Live messages over the next couple of days.
  • Characters should no longer lose details such as hair colour and scars.
  • When digging up a chest, there is no longer a chance that it will be impossible to pick up
  • Players should no longer intermittently be missing items and weapons when loading into the game
  • Weapon, clothing and ship cosmetic changes made after migrating server will now persist across sessions
  • Players will now correctly see other players titles
  • Snakes will now behave correctly, turning to face the player when agitated
  • Animal and skeleton movement around slopes has been improved
  • The game will no longer enter an unresponsive state after accepting a game invitation whilst matchmaking
  • Merchant Alliance notifications for handing in various items have been corrected
  • Lighting has been tweaked in order to improve performance on multiple islands and outposts
  • Fixed tinnitus sound which persists after being killed by multiple explosive barrels.
  • Seagulls now fly over floating barrels.
  • Players can no longer be held by a seemingly invisible Kraken tentacle.
  • Fixed a range of potential game crashes.

Performance Improvements

Significant performance optimisations across all platforms, specifically targeting the 4K native resolution of Xbox One X.

  • Drastically reduced the likelihood of tearing when using the small ship.
  • Reduced the likelihood of tearing when inside the Taverns.
  • Sizeable framerate improvements when traversing large islands.
  • Reduced likelihood of framerate hitches when navigating outposts.
  • Optimised Foliage for smoother experience in overgrown jungle areas.

Further improvements and optimisations for all platforms are ongoing.

Known Issues

  • Player gold and reputation can be delayed when cashing in a reward.
  • Player achievements can be delayed.
  • Bounty quest skeletons sometimes do not spawn or cannot be found.
    • If you encounter this bug, a potential work around is to sail away from the island until it’s out of range, and then sail back in to trigger the Island Name banners.
  • Joining a player whose ship is parked at an active skeleton fort will prevent the joining player’s radial menus being opened.
  • Rare Lore Items throughout the world will read in English, regardless of current language settings.
  • “Hunter of Cursed Crews,” Commendation is not updating.
  • Players may become comically smaller after fighting the Kraken.

Rare also took out the idea of the Death Cost which would cost you some gold when you would die and a certain amount depending on how you died.
Sea of Thieves is now available on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.

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