Rare’s Everwild Reported To Completely Overhaul Development Upon Internal Reboot For The Project

Posted on June 15, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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Although developer Rare is currently recognized for its success release of Sea of Thieves, now with 20 million active players, the team is also noted for another anticipated release on the way, Everwild. Originally, the game studio unveiled the announcement back in late 2019 during the X019 in London, however, little detail on the game has been shared since.

Even during the brief trailer that was presented back in July 2020, Rare still yet pressed on what exactly the new project is shaping up to be nor did it provide a release date for the game. But, there appears to be more context to that. While Rare did go on to present Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life in collaboration with Disney, Everwild did not make the E3 Showcase.

According to Video Game Chronicles, that is due to a complete reboot of the development for the game thanks to staff changes internally. Once source told the outlet that the project is “restarting from scratch” with the game now anticipated to ship in 2024. Veteran developer Gregg Mayles is told to be joining the Everwild division at Rare.

The team behind Everwild continue to shape a truly magical experience and remain focused and excited about creating a new game centred around a truly unique, new world. Gregg Mayles joined us, late last year as Creative Director, and the team has never been stronger.

Since showing the world our Eternals trailer, we have been making progress on all aspects of Everwild. The team continues to work hard to realise our vision and to bring the magic of nature in Everwild to life for players around the world.

Louise O’Connor, Everwild Executive Producer

Understanding the decision to revamp the entire development process is told by sources that Rare was still working to understand the direction the game was heading. As per a statement from Rare studio lead Craig Duncan, he explains Polygon that the team is still exploring its options for Everwild last summer.

“Part of the reason we haven’t talked a lot about Everwild is because we’re still feeling a lot of these things out. We’re still playing around with gameplay ideas. We’ll have plenty to say in the future on that, but … we have an idea we feel really passionate about, and we think there’s something special. I have a team of people that wake up every morning with the desire to make this game that they’re really, really passionate about.”

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Everwild is expected to ship for Xbox Series X|S and PC sometime in 2024.

Source: Video Game Chronicles

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