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Recent Alpha Ring For Xbox Insiders Reveals New Feature To View Secret Achievements

Posted on May 6, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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For the additions that comes to Xbox over the months since the release of Xbox Series X & Xbox Series S, Microsoft continues to roll out impressive updates to better the overall experience on the platform. In February, the firm revealed that Twitch will be fully integrated into the Xbox Dashboard allowing users to seamlessly livestream without the clutter of navigating through a separate application.

Additionally, the platform also made the power consumption of the new console hardware less constraining. While the new SKUs offer impressive results from the newer components, the amount of power used is fairly questionable to say the very least. However Microsoft has introduced an energy saver mode to reduce that number from your console.

Now according to a new post on Twitter, user @WorkWombatman reveals that the Xbox achievement system is being updated. For Xbox Insiders Alpha Ring users, the new feature introduced is the ability to unmask secret achievements for the first time. Soon no longer will you need to search for it online.

Of course, this is still an early build for the feature and there is no designated time for when the feature will be implemented for the broad user base of Xbox owners. Howbeit, that cannot be said about the previous Xbox Insider release. At the time, Minecraft Preview featured the first elements of raytracing for the game after the Super Duper Texture Pack was canceled years ago.

But, that was short lived after Mojang Studios itself directly verified the update to be a mistake on its behalf. “The previous Minecraft Preview build available to Xbox Insiders inadvertently included prototype code for raytracing support on Xbox consoles,” the team wrote. You can read the full report by heading here.

What do you think about the new feature for the achievement system?

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