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ReCore Impressions

Posted on June 13, 2016 by Paul Ludlow

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E3 is a fantastic time of year with games being revealed and updated constantly with this year being no different.
After first being announced at this time last year, ReCore returned to the stage to announce its release date and an updated gameplay trailer.
The trailer, which can be seen below, showcases some of the features that will be present when the game releases on September 13th. Last year’s trailer showed us just the main character, Joule, and her loyal dog companion, Mack. This year Comcept and Amature Studios went one further and decided to show us all of Joule’s robot companions.
The game itself is an action-adventure with a healthy dose of platforming throw in. It is focused around using Joule and her rifle or one of her robot companions to take down enemies and acquire their cores. These companions are the already mentioned Mack, Seth a spider type robot who can be used in conjunction with Joule’s grappling hook to help her reach otherwise unreachable areas or Duncan a giant robotic gorilla and the heavy hitter of the trio.
The trailer also showed us that Joule will have access to a jet pack to help her dodge enemy attacks and conquer the various platforming sections. After not hearing anything about the game apart from that it was delayed to give the players the best experience possible, this was a tremendous return and caused me at least to pre-order it then and there.
The game will be available on September 13th and is currently available for pre-order for $39.99. However if you want to really go wild, a special edition is available for $179.99 that contains a statue of both Joule and Mack.

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