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Rectify Arena Is Set To Host 2nd PUBG Tournament With Outbreak Nutrition

The Rectify Gaming Arena kicked off its first ever event in May 2019 with a $1,000 prize pool with sponsor Outbreak Nutrition. On June 25, we announced via Twitter that we will be teaming up for another PUBG tournament with the stakes raised even higher. Our 2nd tournament ever with the Rectify Gaming Arena will have a $2,000 prize pool and once again teaming with the best gaming supplement company in Outbreak.

The Outbreak Nutrition PUBG Summer Duo Sizzle will be hosted on July 27th and casted on 

Leading up to the event we will announce the confirmed duos that will be competing, but we can say the Top 5 teams from the original tourney will be playing in this one which of course includes names like Funker Gaming, Kickstart, D_Rich, and a bunch more.

Stay tuned for more news regarding Rectify Gaming Arena.

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