Rectify COD Will Be Attending CWL Anaheim With New Captain & Roster Shakeup

Posted on March 19, 2019 by Tyler Nienburg

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Fort Worth marked the 4th Call of Duty event Rectify has attended, but only the 2nd time where we had at least 3 or more of the same players playing in consecutive events. Since Vegas in December we made two roster moves which took out Futuristic & GRVTYTWO and then added Ebelerb as well as GJSincear ‏. The team made it to Round 3 losing to Vertex Black and then got downed by Socially Esports in the losers bracket, making us eliminated on day one again, so the team has decided to make some changes.

During the weekend KruptStarfish announced his departure from the competitive Call of Duty scene and wishes nothing but the best for all his friends and former teammates.

Alex or better known as Apollo has also parted ways with the team and is currently a Free Agent. Here are some words from the former Rectify Call of Duty Captain:

“I will be taking an EXTENDED leave from competing. I say extended leave because I will be taking a break to re-evalute if this is worth it anymore for me. I have so much fun doing this but losing hurts me too much since I have always grown up with sports and losing was not something I ever wanted to do and or acceptable for myself.”

“I WILL BE A FREE AGENT for Anaheim, and if the right offer comes around and is worth jumping on then I will make it work and of course my 100% all will be put into it just like I have been doing for over a year now but if not then I am fine with that and I will gladly “retire” happily knowing I made good friends in this community and for over 2 years it gave me something I didn’t have since baseball was taken from me.”

We wish nothing but the best for Alex, Chase, Corey, Ebeler, & Gerrit. They have made our experience with competitive Call of Duty easier than expected since it’s still something new we are dealing with and as we all know this scene has a lot of different personalities.

Moving forward Galvanize will be leading the Rectify Call of Duty team as captain and of course with Chris ‘VENGNC3’ Kinghan as the manager. So starting now we are recruiting serious Call of Duty players for Anaheim in June as we plan on attending the event in full force.

If you are interested in applying for Rectify COD feel free to go here. 

We are looking forward to the future and once again to every former Call of Duty player of ours, thanks for making great memories!

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