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Rectify Esports Sign Pro Roster For Halo 3 2v2 Championship at Dreamhack Atlanta 2018

We are proud to announce that Rectify Esports will be attending Dreamhack Atlanta 2018 with a Halo 3 squad for the Team Doubles Championship this November.

Mason Cobb, or better known as Neighbor, is a former professional Halo player who’s now ready to get back into the arena with Rectify Esports at DreamHack Atlanta Halo 3: 2v2 Championship. Neighbor started his professional career in 2005 with Halo 2 under the name ilbthug“, where he finished top 8 at MLG Seattle 2005 playing as a member of  T Baggin Crew.

In 2006, Neighbor joined Triggers Down for the MLG Anaheim event where they placed 5th. The following year, Mason had gone through a roster change before joining Str8 Rippin, a legendary Halo team that won two events – MLG Orlando 2007 and MLG San Diego 2008. His last competitive event was at AGL 7 Knoxville in 2013 under the Slaughterhouse team with Best Man, Aries, and Regicide who placed 5th-6th.

Along with Neighbor, Nick ‘Best Man‘ Johnson is joining Rectify for the Atlanta event. Best Man is a former professional Halo player best known to play on the Classic, Carbon, and Triggers Down rosters from 2009-2011. He began his career in 2006 at MLG Dallas under the roster fLu. During the 2006 season, Nick struggled to get a consistent team participating in various events, and his best placement was at MLG New York Playoffs at 14th place.

Nick’s best event placements were under the Classic roster at MLG Orlando 2009 where he placed second. The following year he was able to place second again with the Triggers Down team at MLG Washington. He retired shortly after the AGL 7 Knoxville event in 2013.

At Rectify, we’re thrilled to have two legendary Halo players on our roster. Let’s roll on to the Halo 3: 2v2 Championship!


Source: Halo.esportspedia

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