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Rectify Esports Will Be Taking Over Atlanta For DreamHack From November 16-18

This year has been the first full year we really fully dived in to the Esports realm and started to have teams compete in some popular events such as the Call of Duty World League and the Halo Championship Series. What we haven’t done this year was having multiple teams at one event and today we are excited to reveal our lineup for DreamHack Atlanta across multiple games in Halo, Hearthstone, Halo, and Super Smash Bros.

Let’s start with the Halo 3 2v2 Team:

In August we announced that Nick ‘Best Man’ Johnson and Mason ‘Neighbor’ Cobb will be representing Rectify Esports during the Halo 3 2v2 Tournament hosted by HCS and that tournament will be Saturday and Sunday with the finals being casted live on Twitch and Mixer and on the main stage.

Here’s a little background about both players:

Neighbor started his professional career in 2005 with Halo 2 under the name ilbthug“, where he finished top 8 at MLG Seattle 2005 playing as a member of  T Baggin Crew.

In 2006, Neighbor joined Triggers Down for the MLG Anaheim event where they placed 5th. The following year, Mason had gone through a roster change before joining Str8 Rippin, a legendary Halo team that won two events – MLG Orlando 2007 and MLG San Diego 2008. His last competitive event was at AGL 7 Knoxville in 2013 under the Slaughterhouse team with Best Man, Aries, and Regicide who placed 5th-6th.

Best Man is a former professional Halo player best known to play on the Classic, Carbon, and Triggers Down rosters from 2009-2011. He began his career in 2006 at MLG Dallas under the roster fLu. During the 2006 season, Nick struggled to get a consistent team participating in various events, and his best placement was at MLG New York Playoffs at 14th place.

Nick’s best event placements were under the Classic roster at MLG Orlando 2009 where he placed second. The following year he was able to place second again with the Triggers Down team at MLG Washington. He retired shortly after the AGL 7 Knoxville event in 2013.

Next up we have WonderBread who has been competing under Rectify for a full year competing at major events like Genesis 5 and CEO. We can’t wait to see our favorite Little Mac main fight it out in his final major event at DreamHack Atlanta before Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches in December.

WonderBread will be competing with Ryo who is with Spiral Cafe in the doubles tournament for SSB on the Wii U.

Stay tuned to our Rectify Esports twitter or on the site for updates on his matches.

Yes, we have another fighter and his name his Lil Capped who is one of the best at Brawlhalla who has a history of competing at a high level in the scene. At the most recent DreamHack in Montreal he placed Top 4 in singles and 3rd in doubles. In last year’s Brawlhalla World Championships Lil Capped and his duo ‘PhazonVR’ played in the finals in doubles so it’ll be interesting to see how far they go this event in Atlanta.

For Hearthstone we will have Andrew ‘Pizza’ Denniser representing Rectify Esports and this will mark our first time entering a Hearthstone tournament.  The professional Hearthstone player who has claimed top 100 Legend spots numerous times, even previously achieving Rank 1 Legend with Miracle Rogue.

Pizza managed to snag top 32 at Dreamhack Austin 2017, Won Winter 2018 Challenger Finals, and secured 17th at HCT Summer Playoffs 2018.

Leading up to the event there might be more additions to the Hearthstone squad and we’ll be keeping our focus on 2019 team standings and we will be putting together the best possible team we can here at Rectify.

Not only will we have multiple players and teams compete during this event, but there will be our media team and coverage of the event all weekend. The GET RECT podcast crew will be there making content as well. Our writers that will be home will be covering the teams from home with a preview for their respective tournaments and during the weekend we’ll have updates on how well they have done or how their progress is and in the end we’ll talk about the results of each team.

During the event we’ll have Echogear products to giveaway and possibly Outbreak Nutrition as well. Like we’ve been saying this is the biggest event Rectify has participated in overall with the amount of teams and staff going as well as the ones covering from home from our social media managers to our writers.

At DreamHack Atlanta we have more to show everyone who have been following Rectify for sometime and we can’t wait to reveal something new coming to the esports division.

We hope to see you there!

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Tyler ‘Tyboy’ Nienburg released Rectify Gaming back on December 17th, 2013. He has been gaming for over 16 years and it all started on the Nintendo 64 and a little Sega. Once he touched Halo he was never the same. Feel free to contact the head of Rectify at [email protected]

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Tyler Nienburg

Tyler ‘Tyboy’ Nienburg released Rectify Gaming back on December 17th, 2013. He has been gaming for over 16 years and it all started on the Nintendo 64 and a little Sega. Once he touched Halo he was never the same. Feel free to contact the head of Rectify at [email protected]