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Rectify Gaming Arena To Host Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Showdown on May 22

Posted on May 8, 2020 by Tyler Nienburg

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The Rectify Gaming Arena is excited to host its second tournament of May 2020 and it’ll be the fourth one in its existence. Today, we are announcing the RGA Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Showdown with a $250 prize pool.

Rectify Esports has been involved with Super Smash Bros. since 2018 with the addition of Wonderbread and since then we have been able to connect more with the community. We are excited to host yet another Fighting Game event with our Brawlhalla one being hosted on May 15!

The RGA Ultimate Showdown will be hosted on Friday, May 22 and we have partnered with multiple casters to show off all these great matches starting from top 32 up until the Grand Finals.

This will be a North America event and this is entirely funded through Rectify Gaming while no partnership for this tournament has been set.

Make sure to follow the Rectify Arena Twitter for more updates on this tournament.

Signups for the RGA Ultimate Showdown are now live here.

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