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Posted on May 2, 2015 by Tyler Nienburg

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Hey guys! Welcome to yet another Community Update! There has been alot of events going on for the past 2 months with Rectify. Between Staff changes and planning community events, special podcasts and more. We added MikeXBO and MrTerdFergason to our team. MikeXBO as our content producer/Reviewer and MrTerdFergason will be doing more community events and writing. We also introduced Darth Quackers to the team as our Creative Producer! Check out his map Tourney 5117.

Ahhh that brings us to the next discussion! TOURNAMENTS it has been talked about and we keep teasing stuff and we are getting near to launching our first one! It will be 2v2 Halo 2 Anniversary on custom gametypes made for competitive play and maps. I made a layout on what it the brackets would look like. Here is an example of a 16 team tournament. Obviously it would look different with more or less teams.

Tourney bracket


I would also like to announce that we will be doing a CS: GO tournament and a #IDARB tournament. All will most likely be played in the Summer!  Also I can say this, Winner of the tournaments will get a trophy with engraving on it and mailed to your house. That will not be the only prize.


Also the Rectify Gaming App is still usable so don’t be afraid to download it. Articles are up to date still. More info to come.

Windows 8.1

Windows Phone 



We got our podcast on iTunes this past month! Which means you can now listen to our podcast there instead of soundcloud! We recently did Podcast 10 & 11 go check them out! We have more big surprises coming  to our podcast!

Check out our Podcast on iTunes

If you have not noticed yet we updated the website thanks to Envi. He did an awesome job making the site cleaner and more pro. We have a new grid system where it has 6 articles featured on the top. We moved the categories to the left of the screen with our Social Medias and we have a small menu on the side where you can visit our friends/partners, go to the forums, and check out our podcast. We also have a Halo 5 countdown for the time being. Our poll continues. We have more updates to come with the tournaments page and more. Let us know what you want to see updated. The forums are under work.



We have a new Youtube Series coming out for you guys! It is GTA V Heists. The first two episodes are “Road To GTA V Heists” Because Tyboy was not a 12 at the time.  Watch Tyboy and DUAL BLAD3 play through GTA V Heists together and watch Tyboy fail. 😉 Once we get past the 2 player GTA V Heists we will have 2 more people on the team joining the series. We will tell you guys soon! You can expect the first episode  on Tuesday May 12th. Every other day we will have a new episode until we finish the Heists! Sit back and relax and watch Rectify play through Heists.

We are planning a new Halo series where 4 RCG members will play through the campaign of ODST, 3 and 4. ODST will be a given. Still deciding on 3 and 4. If you want us to do LASO let us know as well haha.



We recently teamed up with Xbox DVR! Come check out their site for your latest clips and screenshots instantly! We will have more info to come on our partnership!



We will have a new list of Gamenights coming to you very soon! We are playing a variety of games so it will not be Halo or Destiny. We will have more late night gamenights and regular gamenights. Stay Tuned to our gamenight section on our site.



We will be at RTX 2015! Tyboy17 of Rectify Gaming will be there. So far he is the only RCG member to make it to RTX 2015. Expect videos, updates and more when we go to RTX 2015. Also our friends GrifballHub will be having a booth there. We could be having a meet up there as well but Stay Tuned for that!

For our Forums. It has not been that crazy over the past while. It has its times where it gets crazy. I know i mentioned this before but we have updates planned for it so it will be interactive and not just going on there and seeing posts. We have big things coming for it and I can not wait to spit out stuff but when you can please try to post on there!  Forums

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E3 is coming very fast! Which means tons of gaming news is coming! We will try to cover you on your Xbox, Nintendo and Playstation news. Make sure to keep checking on our site.

We have more updates to come to Rectify guys. Stay Tuned.



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