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Posted on March 3, 2015 by Tyler Nienburg

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RCG update


Hey guys welcome to a community update! I’ve decided to now to community updates from time to time now to update you all on this awesome community! So it has been a long time since alot of things i guess you can say right now. So where shall we start? The one year anniversary of Rectify Gaming? #IDARB? Podcasts? Videos? What? hmmm lets talk about the one year anniversary first. I gotta say it was a huge success. It was probably one of my favorite days of RCG to this day. I’m always about interacting with the community and that is what that day was all about! When i saw people waiting in the Twitch lobby waiting for us to stream all day because we had loads of giveaways was an awesome feeling. You guys made it a huge success. I can go on and on and on and on about that day but yeah thanks for everyone on the RCG team for making it a success and keeping it as entertaining as hell!




We have some awesome Xbox One backgrounds that are RCG related! If you have an Xbox One come check it out and let us know! These were made by TwiztedShotzTV

imgo (3)

imgo (2)

Here is an example of how it looks on your Xbox One dashboard:

vfbfgfgnvcvbbfffThis was taken in TwiztedShotzTV’s live stream.

So back in October we introduced Podcasts and at first it wasn’t every week until February. We got to do awesome interviews with Henry Sterchi, Joe Brammer, Acey Bongos and Mike Mika. All i can say everyone we interviewed so far was awesome. Expect more awesome things on the Podcast front.

Check out our Podcasts here:

podcast 2



Ok on to less serious discussions right now. Over the past 2 months Me (Tyboy17) and Wifiplayer13 have been hunting for Amiibos forever. We got a hold of the Wii Fit Trainer from Nintendo World back on December 30th, 2014. Not only just the WFT Wifiplayer got Fox for $25 at this random store in the city. Also Captain Falcon and Diddy Kong were found at Nintendo World and a $25 Mario at the random store meanwhile you could get Mario for $12.99 or cheaper online lol. I have right now 18 Amiibos? I can not even count right now and I believe Wifiplayer13 has 20 Amiibos. (He got Donkey Kong)



Should note that this picture was taken on Feb. 24th and you should tell Wifiplayer13 to update us on his wall. lol




In other news I have reserved a hotel for RTX 2015. Don’t get too excited about RCG going to RTX right now because I want to make sure we get tickets and then expect an announcement of what we will be doing there such as a community meet up between us, Podtacular, Ducain23 or something. It would be cool to do a meetup like that wouldn’t it be? (Wink Wink)


8wVUnhwuSo as time winds down on our Winter schedule we are proud to announce more gamenights! Here they are:

March 20th Forza Motorsport 5 Gamenight hosted by Metro and Beetlecomet 6pm-8pm est

March 28th Halo MCC Gamenight hosted by Tyboy17 7pm-9pm est

April 11th Forza Horizon 2 Gamenight Hosted by Metro and Beetlecomet 6-8pm est

April 18th Forza Horizon 2 gamenight hosted by Metro and Beetlecomet

April 24th GTA V gamenight hosted by Beetlecomet 6pm-8pm

*These will be updated!*

Also we are excited to announce LATE NIGHT GAMENIGHTS HOSTED BY YOURS TRULY! Tyboy17 and TwiztedShotzTV. We know that alot of people can’t make our gamenights because of work and such but we are going to make sure you can join gamenights with this move. All of these Gamenights will start up at 12 AM EST/11 PM CST/ 9 PM PST/ 4 AM GMT?

March 28th Late Night Halo hosted by TwiztedShotzTV and Tyboy17

April 4th Late Night  Destiny Hosted by TwiztedShotzTV and Tyboy17

April 17th Late Night Halo Hosted By Tyboy17 and TwiztedShotzTv

April 24th Late Night Halo  hosted by Tyboy17 and TwiztedShotzTV

May 2nd Late Night Destiny hosted by TwiztedShotzTv

All of these late night gamenights will not have an exact ending time. We could end at 2 AM Est 3 AM Est. It all depends what we have going on at that time. Once again we will have an even more updated list of gamenights coming more and more to late Spring and Summer. StayTuned. Make sure to use the Hashtag #RCGGamenights  Let us know what games you want us to play for any kind of gamenight.

Tournaments picture

Hey guys lately you might have noticed the little Tournaments section on our site. We have been quiet for the past few months discussing what to do for prizes and what games and such. Me. Envi and TwiztedShotzTV have been trying to figure out an awesome prize for you guys in our Tournaments. The first tournaments will take place in Halo 2 Anniversary and it will be played on maps and gametypes made by the RCG team. Yes we will be using our very own tournament settings and you can feel free to use them once we release them. 😉 If you have any suggestions about prizes and such send them along. Anything is welcome. Also let us know if you want to enter the tournaments and discuss them on our forums! Expect more news and when we will be announcing sign ups soon!


Also recently we found out that the latest Halo MCC patch is in certification. This update was originally supposed to have a beta to a certain amount of Halo players back in January but 343 decided to scrap the beta patch and test it themselves at the studios. This update is hopefully going to be the update us impatient/patient have been waiting for since day one. But remember this what other company put 4 games (About to be 5 with ODST) in to one? Exactly. 343 has a great future for Halo 5 and ahead. Once this update comes out expect even more gamenights and more.


So lately I have been dealing with personal stuff with school and life so for as of late I have not been true to my word on videos because of this but now that I took care of everything I needed to I will start producing more and more videos very soon. In fact i have a schedule for you guys so i will stick with it 😉 this will carry on through this month and such but these are not just my videos I am going to post Metro’s newest videos coming out within the next few weeks.

Thursday March 5th- Forza Horizon 2 Quick Build: 1991 BMW M3 Turbo by Metrological.

Monday March 9th- Muscle Car Monday Episode 2: Pontiac Trans Am. by Metrological

Tuesday March 10th- Project Spark Community Game Review. By Tyboy17 and Beetlecomet

Thursday March 12th- Forza Horizon Quick Build: Nissan 300ZX (V8) By Metrological

Friday March 13th- Halo 2 Anniversary Custom maps: Fundatoris by Conclusions. By Tyboy17.

Sunday March 15th- Vlog #4 (Finally) Amiibos, Halo, Destiny and more! By Tyboy17

Tuesday March 17th- Tyboy Messing around in Upload Studio part 4. By Tyboy17 (Mark your calendars)

Friday March 20th- Halo 5 beta: BABY COME BACK! by Tyboy17

Monday March 23rd- Halo 2 Anniversary Custom Maps: Crater by Dr. Tom123. By Tyboy17 and Beetlecomet

*Not a final list put these will be ready to go on these dates and we will have a lot more Forza from Metro in between these days. Most of these will launch at Noon EST unless there is 2. One will be at Noon and one will be in the evening.* Our Youtube:

is rcg trolling

So we have done great interviews with youtubers, devs. But we are not done with them. See those ?’s can they be future interviews? Or am i just trolling you? Find out for yourself. (If you ask one of us about this you will just get yourself in a wonka picture trouble) *Evil Laugh* Check out the awesome Podcasts here: Soon coming to Itunes.


Also back before Christmas I got the very first Rectify Gaming T-Shirt! With the logo on the front. Staff on the right side. GT and Website on the back. Which is awesome. Eventually all of the RCG staff will get T-shirts. So if you spot someone with one of these it is a high chance of being a staff member for the site.

Wristbands, Lanyards, sweatshirts and more are currently being worked on.


Our friends Destiny Dispatch and other awesome Destiny groups were doing this awesome charity event for our awesome troops in recovery. So we decided to help by also having our own stream for about 6 hours! Just wanna say thanks to everyone who donated during our stream and won our giveaways and so much more. We reached our goal of 5k+ donated to this awesome charity!

ghgghghghgjjjjvvvvvbbdddcbgg                                                                                   PROOF THAT WE STREAMED! lol.

So even more news…… we are going to be in #IDARB! YES! Our logo will be in #IDARB on Xbox One. The update will be coming out sometime in March. Mike Mika hasn’t given more info on if we have something else special besides that. #StayTuned


So to keep you guys more updated we are developing more stuff for you to keep in touch with us so you will not miss a second of Rectify Gaming news, Events, Reviews, Podcasts, Videos and alot more. Let us know what you think of Tournaments coming on our forums! I hope you all enjoyed this Community Update!


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Tyler ‘Tyboy’ Nienburg released Rectify Gaming back on December 17th, 2013.Feel free to contact the head of Rectify at

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Tyler Nienburg

Tyler ‘Tyboy’ Nienburg released Rectify Gaming back on December 17th, 2013.

Feel free to contact the head of Rectify at