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Rectify Gaming Expands Media Network With Launch Of New Podcast, ‘GET RECT’

Posted on September 25, 2018 by Tyler Nienburg

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Over the past few months we at Rectify Gaming have been deciding on what to do with the Rectify Gaming podcast as it is just about 4 years old already. The number one goal we had for the new podcast crew was to be as professional as possible unlike our early episodes we’ve had.

So today, I am thrilled to announce the official Podcast Crew with the launch of our new podcast called ‘GET RECT’. This is an official and refreshed new podcast coming to Rectify Gaming it features your general gaming news, discussions about the hottest topics going on and most importantly we will be talking about eSports on this podcast.

The GET RECT podcast will be recorded from a studio in Atlanta with our great host and co-hosts. Let’s get to know them, first off we have Evan Brando who is an experienced radio host on ROCK 100.5 in Atlanta and he does another podcast called “Evan and Garrett Take On The World”. Next up we have our co-host, Nicholas Bilz, who is a full time, two-time-Emmy-award-winning Senior Multimedia Producer and a hobbyist Hearthstone streamer. Nick has also entered (and won!) Blizzard’s So You Think You Can Cast Contest earlier this year. Let’s meet the next co-host, Garrett Loudin, is a professional radio boy just like Evan and he does the other podcast with him as well.

As the podcast gets older the team plans on doing live shows on Mixer and Twitch in their studio in Atlanta and as they get more comfortable doing GET RECT we will bring on special guests such as our pro players and teams onto the cast for an episode before their major event or after an event to recap. In the future you might see our crew at events hosting panels or doing other things content wise.

You can find out more about the podcast crew here.

Below you can see the first GET RECT Podcast Episode on Soundcloud, iTunes, and Youtube:







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