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Rectify Gaming Partners with eFuse for $1,000 Scholarship

Posted on March 5, 2020 by Scott Anderson

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Gaming and esports organization Rectify Gaming has partnered with the newly created professional social network for esports and video games, eFuse, to provide one deserving individual a $1,000 scholarship.

The scholarship, funded through a partnership between eFuse and Varsity Esports Foundation, is geared towards students interested in a career in esports or STEM-related jobs. The scholarship will be awarded through the #ForTheGamers Fund, created to provide high school and collegiate gamers opportunities to turn their passion into a profession.

“As a website and organization geared specifically towards gaming and esports, partnering with eFuse for this opportunity seemed like a natural fit,” said Tyler Nienburg, Rectify Gaming Owner and Founder. “Offering these scholarships to high school graduates emphasizes the positivity that can come from the video game industry. So much of what people usually hear tends to lean more towards the negative, and we think showing off that there is a real opportunity to make a career in esports and gaming can help erase that stigma.”

“We are excited to partner with Rectify Gaming to once again change the life of a future gamer or industry professional,” said eFuse CEO Matthew Benson. “Rectify wants to continue to positively impact their community, and we are 100% supportive of that goal. It is our hope that more amateur gamers understand that there are incredible pathways in this profession. We look forward to our continued partnership and providing more life-changing opportunities.”

To qualify for the scholarship, each student must apply at, including:

Build out a professional gaming portfolio (a gaming resume showcasing their work history, extracurricular and volunteer activities, academic achievements, and other relevant experience)

Short essays detailing how gaming has impacted their life and why they chose to pursue a related career

For those interested in applying for this scholarship, or any that eFuse has to offer, it is important to set up a portfolio on their website by visiting Rectify Gaming and eFuse will begin accepting applications for their joint scholarship on Friday, March 6th and will end on Monday, April 6th.

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