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Rectify Gaming Podcast Episode #12: #HUNTtheGAMES

Posted on May 12, 2015 by Tyler Nienburg

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In this episode Tyboy, Twizted, Darth and MrTerdFergason talk about PAX Prime, Latest Xbox and Halo updates as well some Destiny news and more! Come listen to the most best/random podcast. Let us know what you think!

Topic’s in order:

(1) PAX Prime

(2) MCC Tital Update

Some party & matching issues
Quick Hot Fix release with 24hrs

(3) Todays XBOX Live Update

(4) HuntTheTruth and how its coming along

(5) HuntTheSignal promo and how people are feeling about it

(6) What other games are you playing during this content lull?


Prison Of Elders (Coop Arena)
Three diffrent levels of play
Matchmaking at LV28
32, 34, 35 are Fireteam Based

Active Modifiers

New WEAPON!! Scorch Cannon
Sidearms are a THING!

Treasure KEY and opening treasure chest after the Game it finished

May 19th HoW RELEASE!

Minecraft selling 20 million on xbox

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