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Posted on January 31, 2015 by Tyler Nienburg

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So us at Rectify Gaming decided to give our predictions on who will win the Super Bowl. Since some of us are from the UK and Ireland they don’t know how American Football goes.  While the other Half is from America we make a little more sense from our UK friends 😉


CameronMines: Seahawks 9001 Patriots 0

Envi: 126-291 Patriots win – is that sensible?

1080 Players: Patriots 27, Seahawks 23

Metro: Patriots 12 Seahawks 32

Wifiplayer13: Patriots – 22 Seahawks – 24

TwiztedShotzTV: Patriots 23, Seahawks 17

BeetleComet: Seahawks. Tyboy: “By what score?” BeetleComet: “IDK”

Tyboy17: Patriots 13 Seahawks 27

So all of us gave our predictions on the Super Bowl XLIX and as you can see the Americans has more of a realistic predictions than our UK friends ahahahah 😉 So what score do you guys agree on? Comment below or let us know on the forums! So according to our predictions:


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So yeah! According to our predictions the Seahawks will win the XLIX Super Bowl! Which will make it 2 Superbowls in a row for the Seattle Seahawks. Between the Staff members predictions of who wins was 5-3 Seahawks.

Total superbowl score


If you added up the Seahawks and the Patriots score from what we predicted this is what the total it would be. Seattle destroys New England 9250- 388.

Tyboy17 vsed Beetlecomet in Madden NFL 15. Tyboy was the Patriots and Beetle was the Seahawks. Find out who won! But its still rendering. I will try to have it up before the Superbowl 😉 Stay tuned for the Superbowl XLIX Preview: Fail edition. Only here on Rectify Gaming!

So what is your prediction? Let us know in the comments or in the forums!


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