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Rectify Gaming Update – What’s Going On

Posted on October 14, 2015 by Tyler Nienburg

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Hey guys, it has been a while since I’ve done one of these. A lot has changed since the month of March 2015 and a lot of positive changes have been made for Rectify Gaming’s future. Ever since welcoming in MikeXbo and MrTerdFergason we’ve moved even further in our staff, we welcomed Ward, Scoobaruu, RcCrispy, Narb, Draenen, Darth Quackers, BlueImpuls3, Temporal Enigma, Daniel, Adam, Tim, BelleBunny, Moose, Robert, Chambo, Berserk, SOVTH, and Mordor. Now that is a big list of people, we want to create the best possible coverage for you whether its Playstation, Xbox, PC, Nintendo etc.  We live tweeted every conference for E3 and did over 50 articles just for you and also Gamescom and we also went to RTX, PAX, and New York Comic Con.

I’d like to reflect on our first 2 tournaments, our first one was our Halo 2: Classic Tournament where we had 10  teams all active teams and also a wild card match. For our first tournament we thought it was a success and competitive but we’ve learned some stuff from doing it. Congrats to High Society on being the first ever RCG champs.


Our 2nd tournament gained even more attention with an awesome donation from Forge Channel bringing in $40 for the grand prize. We not only had returning teams but new teams that were excited to compete. We’ve taken in some advice from everyone and our tournament team has been planning plenty of Halo 5 tournaments and some other tourneys.


So during the summer some of us were at RTX, PAX Prime and recently New York Comic Con 2015. We will have an awesome video recap for all of you and you will not wanna miss out on it! In 2016 Rectify Gaming plans on taking over a few cons in particular, we won’t say anything else.


Also, our logo has changed again and it looks better than ever! Thanks to TwiztedShotzTV who puts so much work into his awesome designs he does for us. You’ll start to see even more stuff change throughout the months such as the site, the site could be going into some changes based on its designed and layout nothing major at all.

Now, when it comes to streaming we are working our best to make sure you are always getting action on our Twitch. We’ve recently brought on Berserk and Sovth to help out with our streaming schedule and you can expect a fresh new one very soon. Especially when Halo 5 is out, we will be giving you so much content that you will explode. Whether its achievements, streaming, funny videos, news, etc we have you covered right here. Also, we could possibly have a surprise for you regarding our Twitch.

forum 1

Also regarding our forums we could possibly revamp it out but at this time we are still questioning getting active on it but if you guys want to get it going feel free to now!

This month is all about Breast Cancer support so Rectify Gaming will be participating in 2 different charity events! TwiztedShotzTV will be live streaming this weekend on the 17th at 5 AM EST. BelleBunny and the Dames will be doing some streaming time as well for Aim Assist Gaming.

The next week Me (Tyboy) and BelleBunny will be doing some time for the FOG breast cancer charity event on the 23rd from 9 PM-12 AM EST.

Lately our Youtube has been pretty active as well as our podcast. We’ve done awesome podcasts with Mike Mika and Tom Russo and Tim Dog and Techno Fabulous and we plan on bringing even more entertainment to our podcast. For our Youtube we are making several series for you all to enjoy and we can’t wait for your reactions.

We’ve recently closed our applications because we have capped out our team, so this is what we are going to roll with and unless something awesome comes up we will be sure to let you guys know! But there were so many great applications but you have to pick the one that stands out more. This team we have right now is the funnest team and funniest team I’ve been with since day one, yes at times we get serious with stuff but in the end it’s starting to become fun and it’s a positive environment. This past summer was busy between coverage, events, and building one of the best teams. We are just warming up.


Our community management team of Darth and Belle are working to make an awesome schedule for Streaming and Game Nights. We are most likely starting our game-nights out with Halo 5, yes you will start to see more halo than usual due to the fact it’s the hottest thing this holiday season. We will continue to support every console and every game for everyone we also have some fun stuff planned for everyone and we are working on ways where you can have Rectify on the go.

As we prepare for the launch of Halo 5 we will keep you up to date with the latest news in the gaming world, have more streaming and more Youtube content. We are about 2 months away until RCG turns 2 years old and we’ve got some awesome stuff planned, I’ve been brainstorming some ideas such as a 24 hour stream? More details will come out once we get closer!

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