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Rectify Gaming Valentines Day Cards

It’s that time of year again! It’s Valentines Day and we have made some cards involving our staff and friends. Please keep in mind these are for fun, I hope you find these cool enough to send them to your loved one :). Now let’s take a look:
The first one is from our very own Wh1plash96.
Valentines day 2017 1
VelikaYT’s very own card:
Valentines Day 2017 4
Daniel wants to let you know how much of a fan Gran Turismo he is:
Valentines Day 2017 2
Valentines day 2017 3
This one goes to our friends from Geekologist Radio. Valentines Day 2017 7
Shade didn’t know what to say.
Valentines Day 2017 10
Draenen is an ultimate scrub.
Valentines Day 2017 5
Lastly, we have a card from Ward-47!
Valentines Day 2017 9

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