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Rectify Gaming’s Review Scale

Posted on September 15, 2018 by Adam Ferrero

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Reviewers at Rectify Gaming use a 10.0-point rating scale in our game reviews. Reviewers are encouraged to use the whole scale and try to avoid getting stuck in the “all but the worst games should get at least a 7” mindset. This is not an A, B, C, D, F grading scale, so a game that receives a 5.9 may not be considered a failure, nor is a 7.5 considered average.

Ratings are subjective to the reviewer, who will consider all aspects of the game. These aspects include, but are not limited to, graphic quality, gameplay, sound and voice, length, price, appropriate difficulty, multiplayer (if available), narrative quality, etc., and how all aspects fit together into the final product.

10.0: A gaming masterpiece. Games receiving a 10 are the top of all genres and will be the standard against which all games will be measured for years to come.

9.0-9.9: These games are nearly flawless, and those flaws are easily overlooked and fixable. Any game receiving a 9 is a classic and certainly a candidate for game of the year awards.

8.0-8.9: Exceptional games that are hard to put down and contain narrative and/or moments that will stick with gamers for a long time.

7.0-7.9: Solid games that are fun examples of their genre. Noteworthy flaws may keep it from rising higher, while moments of greatness may keep it from sinking lower.

6.0-6.9: Games that contain some moments of fun, but usually with plenty of baggage to work through.

5.0-5.9: Run-of-the-mill. Games that may work correctly but show little ambition.

4.0-4.9: Very little is noteworthy enough to recommend these games. Anything they do right can be found elsewhere and generally done better.

3.0-3.9: Major flaws in writing, gameplay, narrative, and/or game design. There may be bits to enjoy, but it’s hardly worth time or money getting to them.

2.0-2.9: Forgettable messes that are not worth mentioning or remembering.

1.0-1.9: The most fun you’ll have with this game is trying to figure out why the developers even bothered to release it. Not even worth a 90% off Steam sale price.

0.0-0.9: Utterly unplayable, broken, or completely offensive games that do damage to the reputation of video games as a whole.

Rectify Gaming receives game codes free of charge for the purpose of providing an objective review of the game. No staff member of Rectify Gaming receives compensation for a favorable review of a game.

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