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Rectify’s Own WonderBread Goes on Tear, Places 3rd at GatorLAN Fall 2018

The future is bright for Rectify’s Little Mac main from Gainesville.

Andre Parrales AKA WonderBread came in 3rd at Florida’s GatorLAN. Hosted by GatorGaming and DuoStudios, this event is seen as one of the biggest in the Florida region. It was a heavily stacked tournament as big names such as Dyr, Ryo (WonderBread’s mentor and teammate), Saj, Rideae, Blank, MuteAce, Tachyon, and Lade competed for the top spot.

Rocking Rectify esports jersey, WonderBread was poised to make a fantastic run at GatorLAN.

After making it out of pools by beating CFG, yipes, and Lade, WonderBread advanced to Top 48. The competition was littered with potential champions and top Florida players. WonderBread rose to the occasion and defeated Dyr, a former PGR ranked player and Central Florida’s #1 player and Diddy main.

The Little Mac vs. Diddy matchup can be a tough one, but WonderBread was able to close out a victory winning the set 2-1. His next opponent, Saj, has been one of the better Bayonetta players ever since she was released as DLC in early 2016. Another tough matchup for Mac made little difference to WonderBread as he took another 2-1 victory to advance to Top 8.

WonderBread’s first opponent was eventual champion, DOG Esports own Blank. WonderBread made some beautiful plays, but ultimately fell short and lost 3-0 in the set.

However, WonderBread was determined to come back and ended up making a fantastic run through Loser’s bracket.

WonderBread stayed as patient as ever and defeated Rideae (whom he’s never beaten before) and Tachyon to advance to Loser’s Finals. What makes this so impressive is both opponents play Pikachu, which is widely known as one of Little Mac’s worst matchups.

Unfortunately, his run came to an end as he valiantly fought against MuteAce’s Bayonetta and lost 3-2 in the set. Although WonderBread fell short of his goal, he improved from last GatorLAN where he failed to make Top 8. Losing to only the 1st and 2nd place players is nothing to be ashamed of.

WonderBread made some amazing plays down the stretch and showed that he will be one of the best players around when Smash Ultimate releases. His patience, dedication, work ethic, and game knowledge shined brightly today and Rectify could not be happier to call this man one of our own.

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