Redboy and the Adventure Crew: Kickstarter Live !

Posted on October 24, 2023 by fncwill

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In the world of child’s play, innovation and imagination take center stage, and a groundbreaking project has emerged to set the stage for limitless adventures. Redboy and the Adventure Crew by Playmix Interactive is poised to redefine playtime for children worldwide. This interactive playset, currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, brings the magic of RPG to life, encouraging creativity and boundless imagination as kids embark on thrilling quests with their very own action figures.

Redboy and the Adventure Crew redefines playtime by providing children with an interactive world where their imagination knows no bounds. The game includes a versatile mat adorned with action tiles, setting the stage for thrilling quests and encounters limited only by the depths of a child’s creativity. It’s an open-world RPG that requires no smartphone or app – simply choose a character, connect them to the Smart Base, and dive into the world of Battlerealm.

The Adventure Crew comprises four unique characters, each with their own fascinating powers, quests, and fully-voiced interactions. Meet Redboy, Silver Star, Big Iron, and Gear Grinder, each ready to take kids on wild adventures filled with excitement and wonder. With the Smart Base’s sound effects and lights, epic battle sequences come to life as children craft their imaginative stories.

Playing Redboy and the Adventure Crew is as straightforward as child’s play:

  1. Roll out your Battlerealm Play Mat and pick a character to play as.
  2. Tap your chosen character on the different zones on the map to trigger corresponding events, such as talking to other characters or discovering more about the universe’s story. Collect different magic powers that transform your character’s sound effects.
  3. Land on a Monster Zone, and it’s time to initiate a fight using the “Attack” and “Defense” bumpers on the Smart Base – just like the age-old game of “bash your toys together.” This is where Battle Mode takes center stage.

The Adventure Crew isn’t complete without its unique voices. Jared Raman lends his voice to Redboy, while Tom Schulk becomes Big Iron. Maganda Marie takes on the role of Silver Star, and Kamran Nikhad is the voice behind Gear Grinder. With their talents, these characters come to life in a way that engages children on a deeper level.

Kickstarter provides a unique opportunity to interface directly with fans and prioritize fun and quality. Creator Dawson Wood expressed his dedication to the project: “I believe in Redboy and the Adventure Crew, and I’m ready to have this baby. I’ve poured a massive amount of time, money, and effort into my labor of love, but it’s not enough to finish the game. Backer rewards will help us fund tooling costs, marketing, and inventory.”

The project was further endorsed by Kickstarter, which selected it as a “Project We Love,” highlighting the community’s enthusiasm and support for this innovative endeavor.

To gain further insight into the mind behind this imaginative project, check out an in-depth interview with Dawson Wood, the creator of Redboy and the Adventure Crew. This interview provides a deeper understanding of the inspiration and motivation driving this interactive playset. You can read the interview Here .

To learn more about Redboy and the Adventure Crew and to become a part of this imaginative journey, check out their Kickstarter campaign at As a backer, you can not only help make this dream come true but also secure unique rewards that enhance your playtime.

And that’s not all! Playmix Interactive is hosting a Nintendo Switch contest to promote the Kickstarter via You can participate for a chance to win a custom Nintendo Switch. Find the contest details at

With Redboy and the Adventure Crew, the world of imagination is only limited by the expanse of a child’s creativity. Join the adventure and be part of a project that’s set to revolutionize playtime for kids around the world. Follow Playmix Interactive on Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates and to stay connected with the adventure as it unfolds.

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