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Redfall’s new update brings Performance Mode, Accessibility Improvements and more

Posted on October 7, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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Bethesda released a new update for one of its 2023 releases, Redfall which hasn’t been the most well-received game of the year. In our review of Redfall, we praise that it’s a perfectly fine co-op shooter, but it didn’t live up to Arkane’s legacy of groundbreaking shooters. Before its release Bethesda and Microsoft confirmed the game would run at 30fps, but a new update enabling 60fps would come in the future.

Well, Bethesda has released Redfall’s second game update bringing a performance mode on Xbox Series XlS and improving the PC performance and stability across a wide range of hardware configurations. With this update, you will be able to play the Bethesda title at 60fps, but some might say it’s too late for that.

Redfall’s new update comes with a lot of improvements including Accessibility such as Narration updates when a Multiplayer Lobby state changes between Ready and Unready, narrating game invites and friend request notifications, narration support when pings are placed or removed from the world, and a load of other improvements.

Here are most of the improvements included with the Redfall Game Update 2:

Performance & Stability

Enabled Performance Mode on Xbox Series X|S.

Improved PC performance and stability across a wide range of hardware configuration

Addressed several edge-case memory crashes.

Addressed graphical corruption issue with changing resolution with AMD GPUs.

Fixed an issue with resetting Game Settings to their default values while in Windowed display on a second monitor.

The anti-aliasing setting is now hidden in Video Settings while AMD FSR 2.1 upscaling is enabled.

Various performance improvements made to Hero abilities, weapons, and general game systems.

Various fixes to support Hero abilities triggering properly despite environmental factors like ladders, death mist, electrocution, and more.

Improvements to player navigation and collision across both Redfall Commons and Burial Point.


Improvements to Screen Narration:

    • Narration updates when a Multiplayer Lobby state changes between Ready and Unready.
    • Support when the text entry field is open. Narration updates every seven seconds if the field remains open.
    • Narrates “Back” and “Friends” menu controls on all pages of the Settings menu.
    • Support within the Username input field for the “Add Crossplay Friends” sub-menu.
    • Fixed an issue where players would be prompted to “Press Enter” when focused on the Username input field in the “Add Friends” sub-menu.
    • Support for navigation control in Hero Select and System Select menus.
    • Narrates game invites and friend request notifications.
    • When selecting a locked difficulty, the screen describes the difficulty type as “Locked”.
    • When selecting an unlocked difficulty, the screen narrator will narrate “Difficulty Selected”.
    • Main Menu’s System tooltip displays “System” only, and will narrate “System” in both Main and System menus.
    • Hover support for all buttons and links, both digital and analog inputs.
    • Narration support when pings are placed or removed from the world.
    • Fixed several issues with screen narration in Bethesda.Net modals:
      • Removed incorrect prompt to “Press Enter” to input email address, username, and/or password when logging in.
      • account Help menu now supports proper narration.
      • Narration Support in the Bethesda.Net Updated Agreement.

Exiting a Multiplayer Lobby now properly reads “Close”, instead of “Quit” or “Leave Lobby” when the Friends List is open.

Lobby labeling now visually and audibly differentiates between Singleplayer and Multiplayer.

Added a secondary sensory method in the Archive to indicate focus on the scroll bar.

Improved photosensitivity work in the following areas:

    • Firing the Clacker Unrivaled weapon in ADS near a red emergency light.
    • Flashing environment light bloom caused by weapon fire.
    • Vampire death and disintegration.
    • Remi’s Cluster Bomb C4 explosions detonating in rapid succession.
    • Summoning Layla’s Lift with other players standing nearby.


Added visually distinct player indicators and markers for Multiplayer sessions, and unique co-op ping color for each player in the squad.

Improved player ping visibility.

The Light’s Out achievement will now be awarded in multiplayer only if the Lost in the Fog mission is active.

You can see the full list of updates here.

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