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Remake For Knights Of The Old Republic Reported To Be In Development

Fans of the classic Star Wars lineage that was founded on BioWare’s Knights of the Old Republic have been patiently waiting for more than a decade to experience the next installment of the influential video game series. However, the coming of a third entry into the line of titles never came to be as we learned last year that Obsidian Entertainment handed the game to LucasArts which never picked up traction (below).

Despite the unfortunate discovery in 2019, a new report emerged which sheds light on a possible remake of the original 2003 title. After being shelved back in 2015 due to Electronic Arts lacking interest in publishing the game at the time, sources who spoke with Cinelinx disclose that the supposed rework has finally returned to active development.

Stated by two independent sources who are familiar with the project within EA, the entertainment outlet tells that the game has finally returned to developer hands after being put on the back burner for nearly half a decade, one source explains. However, a separate source involved suggests the project to be more down the lines of a sequel of sorts, citing to be a “reimagining.”

Upon further details of the claims made, that is all that Cinelux could offer on the matter. Even Jordan Maison himself questions how tangible the information provided is seeing how the story arc has been reestablished recently. Reporting that the two sources in a way combat each claim does leave for the possibility of inaccuracies if one contradicts the other’s statement on whether or not this project is a remake or not.

One claim that does align with legitimacy, however, is that Cinelinx has heard through the grapevine that there are several Star Wars video game projects currently being conjured at different development lengths. One segment to be a sequel to November’s Jedi Fallen Order, another said for a tie-in to Project Luminous, and even a Switch title being mentioned. Expect to hear an update on these titles later on at E3, Cinelinx tells. Assuming from the involvement that BioWare held in the development of the initial Knights of the Old Republic, it is assumed the team is involved in the supposed remake as the outlet does not include the respected studio under Electronic Arts.

Previously, it was reported through BuzzFeed that LucasArts is officially pursing the Knights of the Old Republic series into film with a live-action adaptation already in the works. You can read the full report above.

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is available now for PC, Android, iOS, and Xbox; backwards compatible with Xbox One.

Source: Cinelinx

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