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Remnant II receives its first DLC “The Awakened King” on November 14

Posted on November 3, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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Gearbox Publishing and Gunfire Games announced the first premium DLC for their latest game, Remnant II coming to PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series XlS on November 14. The Awakened King is the first DLC of the DLC Bundle that consists of three total and the next two will become available in 2024. If you purchased the Ultimate Edition of Remnant II you will have access to the DLC already at no additional cost.

The Awakened King Features:

New Storyline, Dungeons and Area Based in the World of Losomn: Delve deeper into the land of Losomn and experience a brand new storyline about the One True King – whose mind has been poisoned by the Root and is out for revenge against those who oppose him.

New Archetype – The Ritualist: Leveraging status effects to punish foes, this new Archetype is a master of pain and suffering. More details on the Archetype will be revealed closer to the DLC’s launch.

Many Items and Powerful Weapons that Enhance Gameplay: Outfit your survivor to survive this more deadly version of the world of Losomn by choosing from a host of new weapons and modifications, along with new items, like amulets and rings.

New Bosses, Characters and Fearsome Creatures to Encounter: Mysterious threats and survivors, of unknown origin, emerge from the ocean depths and roam the streets bringing new challenges for all player

Remnant II – The Awakened King DLC will cost $9.99 USD when it releases on November 14. In our review of the game, we share that the tactical combat, level variety, and rich secrets come together to deliver something extraordinary.

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