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Repair Field is a new equipment coming to Halo Infinite during Season 5

Posted on October 19, 2023 by Tyler Nienburg

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Halo Infinite is receiving more content than ever before in its second year with Season 5: Reckoning while some of it is already available, there is still more to come mid-season. One of the traditions of a new season in Halo is bringing in new equipment. 343 Industries announced there will be a Repair Field equipment coming to Halo Infinite later in Season 5.

The description for the new piece of equipment reads:

Deploy a device that attaches to surfaces and vehicles, which—after a short arming time—emits a healing field that restores Spartan health and repairs vehicles before it eventually self-destructs. Be wary: the Repair Field’s effect is neutral, so it’ll do the same for your enemies as it will for you.

Well-known Halo leaker account, Delta shared a video online of how the equipment is used and it’s what Halo fans dreamed of. You will place the Repair Field down around a destroyed Warthog, Mongoose, etc and it will fully fix itself in a few seconds.

It remains to be seen if the Repair Field will work on all vehicles.

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