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Replaced Developer Tells Microsoft “Actually Cares About The Indie Market” In Recent Interview

From the June Xbox-Bethesda E3 Showcase that took place then, there was plenty to grasp from the showcase at the time. But while many AAA projects did overshadow majority of the presentation, viewers did not forget about the smaller IPs that were presented either. In fact, some might even frame the title to be one of their most anticipated just from the glance in the announcement trailer at the online showcase.

One being Replaced: a noir-like cyberpunk tale that follows the journey of an AI trapped in a fleshy host as it travels across the detailed, pixel-coated setting. While the game is set to release later in 2022, developer Sad Cat Studios is adamant on the support Microsoft is providing the team according to a recent interview.

In that, studio co-founder Igor Gritsay told Twinfinite that “Microsoft actually cares” when it comes to the future of the indie game market.

The biggest part of the partnership for us is that Microsoft actually cares about the indie market. Otherwise, well, there would be much fewer games on all platforms. They really give a chance to small studios to actually produce something and provide marketing awareness to people. I would say that for indie studios, I can’t even think of a con (with partnering with Microsoft) because they provide funding and marketing reach.

Gritsay continues by stating, “As for Game Pass, it allows more people to learn about the game, and actually play the game! Because there is frequently this situation for many players where they will see a game in the store and they want it, but at the same time it is $30, $60, or even more, and so you maybe Wishlist it, and then you usually forget.

“However, with Game Pass you just press a button and install. Of course, sometimes the possible con of this is that, you know, people might be too overflowing with games and so each game gets less attention. Still, equally, it is a chance for those games to shine. In other situations they might otherwise be drowned by thousands of other games.

“Game Pass allows us and many other developers to actually deliver our project to people. Also, from what I heard, Game Pass also boosts sales, but we’ll see about that! To summarize, it’s a win, win situation for us.” Gritsay does reference the improved sales of games which does coincide with increased purchasing from Xbox Game Pass subscribers, one report told.

Elsewhere, a group of indie developers on Twitter recently ousted PlayStation for how its platform does not directly benefit smaller game studios. The individuals go on to criticize the platform for its harsh requirements and fees to meet standards for featuring games. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you surprised by the statement by the Replaced developer?

Source: Twinfinite

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