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Report: Activision Expected To Have Mass Layoff Tomorrow

A report from business media company Bloomberg, the outlet has sources stating that the publisher conglomerate Activision Blizzard will be laying off hundreds of employees who are currently working at the AAA publisher. Among the primary company homed in Santa Monica to receive mass firing of workers, this will affect several branches of the company including Blizzard.

In result from the recent 2.5 percent drop of the company’s stock, Bloomberg’s sources state that the intention for laying off potentially hundreds of workers is to assist in the publisher’s restructuring and emphasizing more centered functions at the company. As of 2017, Activision issued a headcount of 9,800 workers through all company sections.

With the recent announcement of Bungie’s departure from the publisher on top of the underwhelming launch of Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion truly influenced Activision’s decision. Despite Call of Duty’s recent success with Black Ops 4’s October release, the issue is still present as even Blizzard receives a downfall of player activity with Overwatch.

For how serious the situation currently stands at, many Activision & Blizzard employees are left unsure of what’s to happen. Sources indicate that Activision will be making an official statement this Tuesday (February 12th) detailing the possible mass layoffs. Kotaku’s Jason Schreier tweeted to have spoken with those who could potentially lose their positions and shares the uncertainty they are currently facing.

The situation seems to be similar to how Telltale dealt with their studio’s closure back in October of last year. Seeing how these studios & publishers decide to take a less than subtle way of laying off their staff, it’s best to hope those who could be affected by this receives severances this time around.

Source: Bloomberg

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