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Report: Apple Arcade User Numbers Said To Be In “Nine-Figure” Range, Statement Claims

Posted on November 10, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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Concerning tech giants entering the video game business, it is no secret that the thriving market is one gold mine many are scheming to get involved in. Already, Google made the jump with Stadia – despite the shortcoming of the platform. Not only that, the Google Play Pass is also established alongside Google Play Games for PC which is also live for beta users currently.

Additionally, Apple is also part of this same demographic inching into the market. The firm established Apple Arcade which brings a subscription-based service with a library of titles to choose from. Since its founding, there has been a few unique releases as well. Most recently in collaboration with Konami including Amazing Bomberman & Castlevania: Grimoire Of Souls for iOS.

According to a report by imore, it is claimed Apple Arcade users is recorded to be in the “nine-figure” range, at least that is what Football Manager studio director Miles Jacobson said to the outlet. “I’m told nine-figure subscribers, I have no idea if those numbers are right or not,” Jacobson shared during a press event to the publication.

As for how accurate that metric is left for conjecture. While the service is younger than Xbox Game Pass which appears to be leading the market, Apple Arcade has truly capitalized on the tangible and widespread mobile platform. Not to mention the prevalent promotions and bundles that Apple has continued to push with the service included could increase that number.

However, at least for North America, Xbox Game Pass is the dominant service in downloaded games and cloud gaming. Ampere Analysis made this clear with a report conducted back in March. But, Apple Arcade much like Xbox Game Pass is popular in the region as we understand due to both being founded in the territory. Microsoft’s service led with 60 percent whilst Apple Arcade was recorded at only 9 percent. You can read the full report by heading here.

What are your thoughts on the potential nine-figure success of Apple Arcade?

Source: imore

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