Report: Cortana Voice Actress Jen Taylor To Reprise Her Role For The Halo Showtime Series

Posted on November 11, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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In terms of the current ongoings for the Halo franchise, many are left impatient after the initially-promised Xbox Series X|S launch title Halo Infinite was delayed until 2021. But while the next mainline entry is scheduled to arrive in the following year, there is plenty to look forward in the meantime. One is the long-promised television series for the Xbox seller.

Last hearing of the show’s potential landing, it was disclosed that the production would be readied for release sometime in Q1 2021 as of August 2019. However, details on the television series has been left fairly minimal since as little to zero follow ups on the project was made leading to this month.

But in a new report from IGN, there is a change in the casting, and with an exciting twist. It was disclosed that dual role actress Natascha McElhone who received the roles of both Dr. Catherine Halsey and A.I. Cortana could not keep her end of the bargain for Master Chief’s digital companions due to scheduling complications. It is now told that Jen Taylor who voices Cortana in the flagship games will be reprising her role for the Showtime series.

It is told that the reasoning for McElhone’s difficulties to play the role of Cortana is due to issues ensued by COVID-19 as other projects are also on her schedule. Taylor who played the voice of Cortana since the first entry in 2001 to present will only be casted for the A.I. despite her experience as Dr. Catherine Halsey in the game series as well.

Recently, Showtime broke its silence for the Halo Showtime series by sharing that the team is back on set with Master Chief actor Pablo Schrieber posed wearing part of his costume for the show. You can view the image in the tweet by heading here.

Are you excited for the changes for the Halo Showtime series?

Source: IGN

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