Report: Electronic Arts Delays 2021’s Need For Speed To Aide Development For This Year’s Battlefield

Posted on March 2, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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What felt like eons ago is only 2018 with the release of Battlefield V. The game attempting to grasp its roots with a World War II release only left beloved fans with a sour taste in their mouth biting into the latest entry of the series. With that, it only makes speculation for the next release only more exciting as fans piece together what could possibly be on its way. Recently, it is suspected the next project will be a definitive reboot of the brand.

While Electronic Arts nor DICE is not ready to discuss much on the coming release paved for 2021, there is some clarity on when we might hear about it though. In the most latest earnings call for the publisher, CEO Andrew Wilson told that the first instance for Battlefield details will be issued later on this coming spring.

Already, we understand that DICE is turning on all cylinders for development towards this year’s Battlefield following the abrupt conclusion of content flow for Battlefield V & Battlefront II last year. However, more is suggested to be on its way following a recent interview with Polygon. Electronic Arts tells that it is holding off the coming Need for Speed with focus emphasized on Battlefield for the majority of 2021.

[Battlefield] is shaping up great, the team has been working incredibly hard, they pushed hard last year, and yes, we have been working from home. And it’s hard; it’s hard to make games from home, and the [EA DICE] team is fatigued a bit.

There’s no way we would have made a decision like this without including [Criterion] and discussing this with them first, and the impact that they could have on [Battlefield]. They’ve worked on [Star Wars] Battlefront, they’ve worked on Battlefields, and they have a really tight, close collaborative partnership with DICE. I’m really confident that this is going to be a pretty positive win for them.

Laura Miele, Electronic Arts Chief Studio Officer

Previously, it was reported that Criterion Games is to handle the coming Need for Speed title. After an entire console generation, Ghost Games hands the keys back to the Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) team as the next installment enters development. In extension, Criterion Games went on to comment that the game is already in development back in 2020.

Electronic Arts did also issue previously that both Need for Speed and Battlefield are scheduled to arrive around the same timeframe later in 2021. However, thanks to emphasis on the development for the unnamed Battlefield entry, focus is pitted towards the latter until its arrival later this fall.

In a separate interview recently, Electronic Arts also issues its continued support for developers to take its franchises into its own hands. The pursuit is said to leave the growth of the properties to its respected studio and the community that shapes the title. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you welcoming the idea of Need for Speed being delayed in favor for Battlefield?

Source: Polygon

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