Report: Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel Reported For PlayStation 5 Release, Told To Offer Co-Op Experience

Posted on April 24, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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The current whereabouts of the follow-up to Guerrilla Games’ 2017-released Horizon Zero Dawn is currently unknown. Since the initial release, fans have expected the following release of the game’s add-on story expansion, Frozen Wilds. But concerning the next installment in the series, it was unsure what the team had planned as the Amsterdam-based studio has been radio silent on those regards.

The latest update came from Guerrilla Games’ Co-Founder Herman Hurst now helming Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios who shared that the open-world title would be arriving to PC later this summer, breaking exclusive ties with the current PlayStation 4. Now a new report has emerged from Video Game Chronicles that clears the airs on the ongoing conundrum behind Horizon Zero Dawn.

In the report, the outlet discloses that sources involved within Guerrilla Games have shared that development in a second Horizon Zero Dawn is currently going underway. Even more, VGC tells that Guerrilla Games plans to establish a trilogy for the series. The second game was told to have initially picked up production shortly after the release of the original title more than three years ago.

This surely opens more perspective on how long the game has been in the works. During last year’s Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, Iden Versio voice actress Janina Gavankar who also played the role of Tatai in Frozen Wilds slipped information on a follow-up entry by stating “wait ‘til you see the second game,” when asked about Horizon Zero Dawn. So understandings of the game in development is already established, just not now long the title has been in development.

Adding on, the game was told to initially be in development for the ongoing PlayStation 4, but ambitions swayed for development to be ushered to the newer and capable PlayStation 5. Sharing the game to be ‘gigantic’ in contrast to the preceding entry as the world is much larger in size. Interesting enough, there is also discussion of a cooperative implemented feature for the second game also.

Video Game Chronicles tells that co-op was on the horizon for the 2017 game, as depicted by released concept art, but was discarded for divisions at Guerrilla Games to hone in on more demanding aspects of the title’s development. Plans were discussed at the team to release an online test for the mode at the time as well. It has yet to be clarified if the co-op experience will be intertwined with the story or as a separate, online feature in the game.

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The unnamed Horizon Zero Dawn follow-up is reported to be listed for PlayStation 5.

Source: Video Game Chronicles

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