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Report: Internal Temperature For Xbox Series X Is Lower Than Xbox One And PlayStation 4

Over the past week or two, many influencers and internet icons received functioning models of Microsoft’s approaching Xbox Series X console. And while these systems do operate as the retail version, not everything is available to those in possession of the unit. Microsoft does allow those with hand-on to play select titles via backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The firm has added to the list after time, of course.

But there are also some take aways from the coverage: the velocity architecture initiative is not present. So while games do perform extremely well from what has been featured, that is from the raw strength of the new hardware as the feature is not currently available. But with the lingering hiccups – which are not a lot – the velocity architecture will surely clean that up.

Upon discussion and investigating of these units, word broke out suggesting that this new system has faced issues with overheating after a short amount of time. But while many are testing the hardware, they were unable to disclose if that is true or not due to agreeing to an NDA before accepting the console. But now that more time has passed, those holding an Xbox Series X can report on more specific matters.

According to VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb who has openly shared having an Xbox Series X for the past couple of weeks, he just recently pressed on the overheating situation. In a new report, Grubb writes that the new console when measuring the internal temperature of the system actually ticks lower than both the Xbox One X alongside the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Grubb did the test when running Hitman 2 on all systems and distributed the hottest, average, and coolest temperature performance for each of the three consoles. In average, the Xbox Series X emits roughly 44.7°C in heat while the Xbox One X gives off 52.1°C and PlayStation 4 Pro with 62.5°C. For coolest, Xbox Series X sits at 38.9°C alongside Xbox One X at 50°C and PlayStation 4 Pro at 60.1°C.

For the hottest, the next-gen unit pushes 50.4°C, Xbox One X with 54.5°C, and PlayStation 4 Pro at 65°C. Grubb also testes the recordings on a PC equipped with RTX 3080/Ryzen 9 3900XT and revealed that the newer components still overtake Microsoft’s unit by roughly 10 percent on all tested intervals.

At the time, there is no way to determine how much heat is collected in the PlayStation 5 as Sony did not offer test models to industry personnel. But in contrast to the PlayStation 4 Pro, there is a lot of land to overtake for Sony to compete with the Xbox Series X. Currently, it is reported that Sony’s hardware is relatively quiet compared to its predecessor, so that could illustrate a good sign leading forward.

What are your thoughts on the reporting for the Xbox Series X heat signatures?

Xbox Series X is set to release on November 10, 2020.

Source: VentureBeat

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