Report: Joystick Design For DualSense, And Found In Xbox Controller & Joy Cons, Lasts Roughly 400 Hours Of Use

Posted on March 7, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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For the sake of video game controller longevity, the problem most face upon players the past couple of generations resides primarily in the control sticks/joysticks on the gamepad itself. While nothing lasts forever, players find that stuck buttons and other mechanism hiccups are less apparent than drifting on controllers after extended use. Most notorious recently with the Nintendo Switch Joys-Cons; so much that Nintendo eventually offered free repairs to send in.

However, with the introduction of the latest DualSense controller, many believed that the next-generation of video game controllers would do away with this issue. However, the apparent problem on the surface is more prevalent this time around than ever according to a new report. Issued by iFixIt on YouTube, one video investigates that the problem with control sticks on the latest console is similar to previous iterations as well.

In that, the same the off-the-shelf hardware by Alps used for the DualSense is the same we find with Xbox controllers and other peripherals released by Nintendo as well. Prioritizing the PlayStation 5 controller, it is discovered that about 417 hours of gameplay can be accumulated before the first sign of drift is present.

Reading an information sheet presented by Alps, it reveals that the joystick lifecycle expect about 2,000,000 cycles of the component before issues appear. Additionally, around 500,000 clicks of the control stick is also recorded before appearing problems also.

Concluding the report, Kevin Purdy indicates that the hardware should be easily accessed and replaced since long-term playing with the video game controllers only lasts for so long. But for now, the only repose to these issues is through experienced repair of searching for a resolution via YouTube tutorials.

Outside of on-hand repair, iFixIt suggests using your warranty on the gamepad if available or to simply pursue purchasing a new controller altogether. To reiterate, Purdy is painted baffled how consumers are still unable to simply swap the components when damaged or generally inefficient to the respected user.

Are you experiencing any drifting issues with the DualSense controller?

Source: iFixIt

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