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Report: Keyboard And Mouse Could Come To Xbox Through Partnership With Razer

As more recently with titles from PC make their way over to the Xbox platform, the idea for a keyboard and mouse to be compatible with Microsoft’s current console Xbox One, would be a good alternative to the controller. Especially as all exclusives through play anywhere are already playable on PC, it’s a bit surprising we haven’t seen this sooner.
According to Windows Central, they have information regarding mouse and keyboard support for Xbox One. Said earlier this year that Microsoft spoke with developers on implementing this feature for future games. With Razer being involved in this presentation showcased their Turret and BlackWidow Chroma V2 to be fully compatible for Microsoft’s console. Implementing lighting cues with Chroma lighting to respond to indications in games like Overwatch and other titles on PC.
Along with the presentation came a guideline for developers on how they bring keyboard and mouse support to their titles. Like support for 5 buttons on a mouse, mouse wheel movement, and to set cursor glyph with visibility choice. For multiplayer and game balance is left to be determined by the developer. And is “highly suggested” separating matchmaking for gamepad from keyboard and mouse.
For this presentation being from a few months back, it’s unsure if the company is still planning to bring the support to upcoming titles on this platform. With the support of USB mice as part of  this feature, it would be hard not seeing this feature in the near future.
Source: Windows Central

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