Report: Kingdom Hearts To Be On Hiatus Until 2022 In Time For Franchise’s 20th Anniversary, Director Reveals

Posted on November 23, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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While Kingdom Hearts 3 is scheduled to hits its second birthday this coming January, Square Enix is not holding out on its fans since the release of the latest mainline installment. The franchise receive a mobile game, Kingdom Hearts Ux Dark Road (previously Prokect Xehanort), and the recently shipped rhythmic adventure, Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory. But for future reference, 2021 will be vacant of coming projects.

In actuality, there will not be much in the sense of any Kingdom Hearts information until 2022, says game director Tatsuya Nomura. While running strong for the last couple of years, Nomura and his team are currently working on something and the firm plans to share more in anticipation for the series’ 20th anniversary that will be arriving this year.

Speaking with Dengeki Online, which is translated through an automated translator into English, Nomura tells there will be a “small break” until then.

I think that the movement of the new work of the series in “KH MoM” will be a little break, but in 2022 we will celebrate our 20th anniversary. We are moving to deliver some good news, so we hope that you will keep an eye on it in the future.

With another title projected to be in the works already from Nomura, especially if it is to release in the coming years, it is expected the project would arrive to the duo of next-generation consoles. However, Nomura only presses that what is to be unveiled is as impactful of an announcement as the first-party titles from Sony & Microsoft. “If we were to make a “KH” with a next-generation machine, it would be a later generation, so I think we have to make it as surprising as such a work.”

“Of course, we haven’t announced that we’re going to make a new one with PS5 or Xbox Series X yet, so it’s just a temporary story (laughs).” For the time being, there are suspicions that Kingdom Hearts could make a larger impact on Nintendo Switch in the near future. You can read the full report by heading here.

What do you hope might come next for the Kingdom Hearts universe?

Source: Dengeki Online

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