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Report: Microsoft Prototyping Controllers For Mobile Devices

It seems that Microsoft is working on bringing mobile-compatible controllers for those who play on their smart phones or tablets. This seems to be in result of the upcoming Project xCloud which allows users to stream and play titles on portable devices.

Reported by Windows Central, Microsoft Research is working on prototypes for mobile controllers to make mobile gaming less of a struggle. Presented in the research paper, the prototypes are seen to mount on the side of either device when in use.

Shown from the image, the controller originated from foam models and later 3D printed for the prototyping models. Along with both prototypes for smart phones and tablets, the controllers will also be paired with a USB compatible charging dock.

As third party controllers already exist, knowing that Microsoft is working on developing their own controllers will close the way for more comfortable gameplay when out of the living room.

Project xCloud is aimed to be available some time next year in 2019.

Source: Windows Central

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