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Report: Microsoft To Create A Disc Drive-Free Xbox One For 2019

Digital-based media has been at an all time high in almost a decade now thanks to the convenience of purchasing straight from practically any device and eliminating the need for the physical discs. And with stream-based services also rising in popularity, this only assists the idea to push for digital only.

According to tech outlet Thurrott, Microsoft is planning to continue the trend by creating an Xbox One console without a disk drive next year.

As we are already aware of Project Scarlett which is expected for a 2020 release, this disc-free console will remove the feature to insert disks and will require digital purchases to added games to the console’s library. With the disk drive absent, this will mean the upcoming console will be have a price drop.

The tech outlet revealed that the current price for the new console iteration is expected to be around $200 or less as the current price for the base console is averaged around $300.

With the idea of an console not requiring a disc drive is progressively exciting, there’s more to it that must be added in return. Despite the nuisance of owning discs is removed, digitally downloading games usually will take up more space compared to their physical counterparts.

For the console to be less of a hassle with balancing which games you have to uninstall to make room for another title, the new Xbox One will have to carry an larger internal hard drive. With the newer consoles in the Xbox family for this generation typically carry a 1 TB hard drive, it’s best to bet maybe 2 TB or 3 TB will be substituted.

Which will result with increasing the price of the stated $200 price tag. But if Microsoft markets the new hardware around $250-$300 would be fair without grabbing for consumers wallets.

Source: Thurrott

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