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Report: Microsoft’s E3 Conference Will Be 120 Minutes Long

Posted on May 25, 2019 by Tyler Nienburg

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We are only a few weeks away until E3 2019 and Microsoft looks to be the focus since they are the only major company to have an actual briefing. Sony has backed out of this year and Nintendo continues their successful Direct. One of the things fans speculate about leading up to the event is the duration of the conference because the longer it is the more announcements. According to a recent video from the XboxBR Youtube account, it confirms that the Xbox E3 Conference will be 2 hours long.

Here’s a picture of the graphic thanks to ResetEra user, Rychu:


Since 2016 the Xbox Briefings have gone up when it comes to the duration of it. In that year it was 90 minutes long, 2017 was 95 minutes long, and the most recent one in 2018 was 100 minutes long. 2019 is aimed to be at 120 minutes and it’s very likely that’s true. It would be a great advantage for Microsoft to have a longer conference to show off more games while their known competitor in Sony won’t be at the event and knowing they are one of the top spotlights.

The company has yet to confirm anything regarding the length of their conference, but we’ll most likely hear something closer to showtime since this will now be a topic of discussion among the Xbox community. Keep in mind Microsoft also has Inside Xbox which they could do after the briefing where they’d interview developers and have some other smaller reveals than you’d see on stage.

We could expect a lot from Xbox this year and we’ll be there in Los Angeles all week long! Stay tuned for coverage of E3 2019.

Source: ResetEra

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