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Report: Minecraft Dungeons On xCloud Shows To Open A Larger Opportunity For Xbox Game Pass Thanks To Touch Controls Support

Posted on April 25, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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While Minecraft Dungeons since its May release has continued to offer its players an expansive experience with content add-ons in its post-launch phase, there are other namely additions that go under the radar which should be noted. Surely, the feature for full-on cross-platform play that was appointed to the game back in November which bridges all versions of the game to one ecosystem is worth noting.

But prior to that, Minecraft Dungeons happened to be the first title to introduce touch screen controls to xCloud in September. While Microsoft continue to campaign for Bluetooth-paired controllers connected to a phone clip, the Mojang Studios title did not require any additional accessories. While The Coalition’s Gears 5 pioneered the feature even earlier, Minecraft Dungeons happened to be the first to implement it.

In a report from Windows Central, it discussed the topic of touch screen controls with Mojang Studios and concluded that the feature is the forefront for Xbox Game Pass reaching a broader audience.

We’ve had some really good numbers from our end too. About 40% of players that play Minecraft Dungeons on their phone use touch exclusively. That’s 40% of players who never have to touch a controller. I was like, that’s a dream number. That was above the goal we set for ourselves. And the coolest thing is we’re not alone in this either.

Hellblade has seen similar numbers, great success with their work. Personally, I love how Hellblade’s developer Ninja Theory took a different approach from Minecraft Dungeons, using contextualization.

Hellblade is such an immersive game, and how Ninja Theory managed to take it and retain that immersiveness on a small screen, using contextual buttons, is impressive. Tell Me Why is another. If you haven’t tried it, do it. Many of these games are seeing 40% and above playerbases exclusively using touch. It’s impressive.

David Nisshagen, Mojang Studios Executive Producer

While modern gaming is collectively based on tangible control schemes via keyboard & mouse or controller, there is a market of players that reside on mobile that has yet to truly utilize either. Elaborating further, Niko Partners’ David Ahmad reiterates on the topic in a thread on Twitter. “More gamers worldwide use touch controls to play games than use a physical controller or KB/M.” He adds, “Adding touch controls to Xbox games allows Game Pass / xCloud to reach that larger base.

“One thing people forget, and that is mentioned in the article, is that an entire generation of kids have grown up playing games on smartphones, where touch controls are the primary input method. Using a controller or KB/M isn’t as easy as touch controls for many.” Ahmad furthermore discloses the potential for Xbox Game Pass now with the execution of xCloud and touch controls could further capitalize on a larger margin.

“It’s no secret that console / PC game IP can be adapted to mobile successfully. In this case Game Pass can bring console games directly to mobile via cloud and then limited custom work is required to provide native touch controls that can give these players a great experience.”

On the topic of Minecraft Dungeons tapping into other markets, it appears that Mojang Studios is doing that in a separate collaboration. When teaming up with Play Mechanix, the partnership will work to bring functioning arcade cabinets for the game. You can read the full report by heading here.

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Source: Windows Central

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