Report: Naughty Dog To Commence Work On New Project With Roles Fulfilled Internally

Posted on January 15, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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While concerning during the initial release for The Last of Us Part II, the controversial launch of the generation-closing sequel did leave many touched by the project conjured by Naughty Dog. At this year’s annual The Game Awards, the PlayStation 4 title left with a handful of awards including that year’s Game of the Year as well. But what is to come is not clear for the Sony Interactive Entertainment team.

Surely, many presumed that the team would return with potentially a new Uncharted entry or even begin kicking off with another follow-up for Ellie’s story. However, that is left to be undetermined as of writing. If a new tale was to come for Nathan Drake, some remark would have already been made by Naught Dog in regards to Uncharted. For The Last of Us, it is presumed a DLC or standalone is in order.

But brushing conjecture aside, there is no sturdy foundation to suggest what the studio is working for. But pointed out by Twisted Voxel, the publication issues that Naughty Dog is appointing new positions as of late suggesting that Naughty Dog is preparing for its next project. In that, Lead Game Designers Vinit Agarwal and Richard Cambier are both now positioned as co-game director and game director.

Looking to previous projects Naughty Dog pushed out, a similar pattern forms. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy did so appointing Kurt Margenau and Anthony Newman for the same roles and again with Newman and Neil Druckmann for The Last of Us Part II. However, while it is certain production is to commence fairly soon, it is unclear what the project will be. But, it is certain it will come to PlayStation 5.

For those who yet played The Last of Us Part II, we suggest you read our review for the game. “I really enjoyed playing through Last of Us Part Two, and playing it late after it’s release was an interesting experience,” Rectify Gaming’s David Rodriguez penned about his time with the game. You can read the full review by heading here.

What are you hoping is to manifest from Naughty Dog next?

Source: Twisted Voxel

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