Report: Netflix’s Next Big Video Game Endeavor Is Handing A Television Series To Bioshock

Posted on March 28, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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In the world of Bioshock, the Irrational Games-developed series has faced a dormant future revolving around the universe for close to a decade now. However, despite the closing of the developer following the 2013 release of Bioshock Infinite, the series will live on as 2K opened a new dedicated studio to work on a new installment, Cloud Chamber.

Howbeit, the main source of content is not the only aspect of Bioshock that fell through. In that, the franchise was expected to face a film adaptation by Gore Verbinski (The Ring). But, as the production fell apart in the late 2000s, most of the eagerness for the cancelled Bioshock movie later adopted some of that DNA in 2016’s A Cure for Wellness. But, there is a sign of hope for something to come in terms of Bioshock entertainment.

From a new report by Giant Freaking Robot, the outlet discloses that Netflix is internally working to develop a Netflix series set in the Bioshock universe. The claim is said to stand behind previously accurate tips from the same source including Bruce Wayne’s evil parents in the upcoming Matt Reeve’s film, The Batman.

Similar to how we viewed the reception of The Witcher on Netflix back in late 2019, Netflix is planning to pose Bioshock as yet another tent pole series alongside the CD Projekt Red-developed franchise. Additionally, The Elder Scrolls in a previous report is said to receive the same treatment – and with the number of video game adapted projects from Netflix, it is understood that the firm is planning to cash in big for more as well.

The publication does clarify to still be in the dark for the basis of the project, unfortunately. So it is unsure the direction of the show, if it will be animated, or if it is based in Rapture, Columbia, or a new setting altogether. Namely, the website does consider a possible multi-universe approach that could be established which was introduced in Bioshock Infinite.

As for recent news in regards to Cloud Chamber’s project, a job listing for the 2K developer reveals that the team is searching for possible hires to “breathe life into a new and fantastical world. You can read the full report by heading here.

What would you like the Bioshock Netflix series to be about?

Source: Giant Freaking Robot

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