Report: New Details For PlayStation 5’s Virtual Reality Headset Shares OLED Displays, Touch Sensors, And AAA Game Support

Posted on August 5, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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During its initial release, the PlayStation VR platform proved to be a pioneer for more impactful releases with titles such as Moss & Astro Bot: Mission Rescue then. Even Rectify Gaming acknowledged the impact that the peripheral made on the industry despite much of virtual reality at the time offering little compared to what was on the platform. So it was inevitable when Sony Interactive Entertainment announced a new version is on the way for PlayStation 5.

At the time, little was pressed on the new peripheral, but, the firm did share a glimpse at the new controllers for the next-generation PlayStation VR. However, despite the preview, it is still unsure how the device will operate differently to its predecessor alongside competitors outside of PlayStation as well. As for software, it is presumed Moss: Book II is slated to arrive to the new machine so far.

In a new video from YouTuber PSVR Without Parole, he elaborates on the recent developer summit that was held this week which disclosed new details on the ‘Next-Gen VR’, what Sony Interactive Entertainment codenames the upcoming peripheral. You can watch the video below:

Also being corroborated with UploadVR as well, the conference reveals that the PlayStation 5 VR headset is to feature 4K HDR resolution per eye (4000×2040 pixels) 2000×2040 pixels. Atop of the screens used for the new PlayStation VR, it is told that it will feature OLED displays which also offers 110 degree FOV that is more than competing models.

While the Oculus Quest 2 provides 90 degree, the original PlayStation VR delivers 100 degree followed by the Valve Index at roughly 105 degree, the YouTuber explains. The controllers while not disclosing much more on the paddles did tell that touch sensors are present in the new version. Support games are probably the most intriguing to learn about as titles are said to be a priority for PlayStation VR on PlayStation 5.

Similar to how Hitman 3 offered the option between standard play or virtual reality, the same can also be told for more titles in the AAA pipeline later on. Even more, software is explained to also be receiving a revamp for the new headset since backwards compatibility is lightly integrated for the previous PlayStation VR. Ultimately, reworkings of previous games are said to be on the way.

What are your thoughts on some of the new details for PlayStation VR for PlayStation 5?

Launch details for NGVR is said to drop sometime in early 2022.

Source: UploadVR

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