Report: New Ghost Recon Game In Development As NFT Initiative Squanders Internally At Ubisoft

Posted on April 7, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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For the Ghost Recon IP, many players are not too excited for what the future holds for the series currently. The 2019 release for Ghost Recon Breakpoint stood to be a step back for the series in contrast to the previous Ghost Recon Wildlands that came before. But, in late 2021 is where fans grew despair on the next project regarding the series.

In that, Ghost Recon would be the mantle for the next battle royale from Ubisoft. Announcing Ghost Recon Frontlines would bring all the elements of the series into a 100-player lobby as players fight amongst each other to be the last one standing. Well, players were not excited on the reveal and most of the response led to the developer to putting the game back in the oven to receive additional work on the overall scheme.

Not to mention the recent announcement for the fate of Hyper Scape – scheduled to shut down later this month – battle royale is not the answer fans wanted to hear. In a report from Kotaku, the next project codenamed ‘Over’ is in development at Ubisoft Paris with a projected release time frame slated for FY 2023.

Initial details are slim on the direction the game is heading, but players can expect an announcement and the game potential within the next year. However, more good news continues in the piece. From sources at Ubisoft, the push for emphasis on NFTs via Ubisoft Quarts ceased recently.

“As we’re rolling out the last update of Ghost Recon Breakpoint there will not be any additional content added to the game. We’ll have more to share regarding Ubisoft Quartz at a later date,” a spokesperson responded to Kotaku in a statement. From those familiar with the operation, many of the negative feedback to the initiative is to blame for radio silence on the project.

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Source: Kotaku

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