Report: New Overwatch & Diablo Games Revealed Following Cancellation Of First-Person Shooter Starcraft Title

Posted on June 7, 2019 by Nick Moreno

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In a report from Kotaku, it shares that publisher Blizzard for the past two years have had a title based in the Starcraft universe in development until recently where it was decided to pull the plug on the unannounced game. According to sources within Blizzard, the reportedly canned title was said to have been a first-person title.

Revealed from those who worked on the title before being abruptly axed, the Starcraft shooter was said to show similarities to DICE’s Battlefield, sharing that players would take control of Terran-classed characters along with touching the possibilities of playing characters of the Zerg alien species.

Ultimately, the project seemed to be going fairly well in development until Blizzard decide to shelf the game indefinitely in favor for other projects that overshadowed the title. Those other games being the inevitable Diablo 4 and Overwatch sequel.

It was reported back in November during 2018’s Blizzcon that the publisher initially planned to reveal Diablo 4 at the annual event, but was decided to be pulled from being presented prior to the convention going live. Instead, fans were greeted with Diablo Immortals, which countless people were very vocal towards disliking the choice to creating a mobile title over the next installment for the series.

As for the Overwatch sequel, it is unsure which direction Blizzard plans to take the game as for a follow-up title. Seeing the dropping numbers of active users compared to the title’s initial launch back in 2016 and the year following, the first-person action title does need some sort of push for players to start playing again, and Blizzard sees a sequel is necessary to do so.

What are your thoughts on the decision Blizzard made regarding the now cancelled Starcraft title?

Source: Kotaku


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