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Report: Ongoing Disarray At Bungie Reveals Sony’s Chokehold On The Destiny Developer

Posted on December 11, 2023 by Nick Moreno

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More than a year ago, one of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s largest acquisitions officially passed: the $3.1 billion purchase for Bungie. After leaving Microsoft and free itself of Activision’s grips, the PlayStation firm became the new home for the Destiny developer. It even celebrated as much with a slew of PlayStation crossover items/cosmetics in Destiny 2 at the time.

One of the biggest factors for this deal was the drive of its employees. And Sony Interactive Entertainment ensured that developers at Bungie would continue working at the studio investing over $1 billion in the deal to retain staff, reports shared. Howbeit, amid ongoing issues internally at Bungie resulting in delays for its planned releases, there is even graver news surfacing against the developer.

According to IGN, part of the arrangement with Bungie & Sony Interactive Entertainment is said to have a vice grip on the Destiny team. More specifically, if the game studio were to underperform to some degree, it would result in the PlayStation firm overriding current leadership at Bungie; handing the reigns over ultimately.

For a company that touted its independence in the past, it comes to be a hairy turn of events in just a short year following the welcoming to PlayStation Studios. Employees confirmed with IGN that atop of layoffs, there has been numerous efforts to minimize spending stretching across holiday bonuses, limiting employee traveling/events, yearly Bungie Day being a virtual event, and even a studio-wide hiring freeze as well.

Even more, this new course of action keeping Bungie management walking on eggshells also has the overall morale at the team in disarray. Employees told the outlet it is purely “soul-crushing” where Bungie stands currently with little signs of change coming from leadership at the studio. It is even suggested that layoffs are still on the horizon with management being indifferent on the direction the handling of Bungie is heading.

“We know we need Final Shape to do well. And the feeling at the studio is that if it doesn’t we’re definitely looking at more layoffs,” one source told IGN. Aside from the scare for PlayStation occupation, discussing the current state of Bungie is notably discouraged, employees told IGN. With a Q&A on the layoffs held for staff, one department head responded “[Bungie’s] not that type of company” regarding to cutting salaries for leadership.

What is your stance on the current state of Bungie right now?

Source: IGN

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