Report: Project 007 Suggested To Evolve Into A Trilogy As IO Interactive Plans To Open Another Studio

Posted on January 29, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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At the start of this month, developer IO Interactive concluded the Assassination Trilogy for its rebooted Hitman series. And while the team finally finished up its revisit to the firm’s most recognized banner, the Swedish developer is onto new horizons with Project 007 underway. Last spoken on the coming title, the team did clarify that the James Bond game is not the only game to keep an eye out from IO Interactive in the coming future.

But while the team’s plans are still very unclear aside from the coming licensed release, the same can also be said for the future of Project 007. As in-engine gameplay is still out of public sight, it is difficult for fans to really determine the next move from IO Interactive. More so, if the property will be a one-time release or similar in structure to its recent trilogy.

Well, it’s the latter. In a report from The Gamer, the publication issues that the team is planning to work on opening a new studio for the current James Bond endeavor. In that, the team is looking to establish a second Sweden team to double its count of employees.

Today we [have] 200 employees and I expect that we will [have] over 400 employees over the next few years. So, there is no doubt that the Bond agreement means an insane amount to us.

The information comes as part of a separate discussion over from Danish outlet DR where IO Interactive is adamant to keep “trilogy” the topic of the conversation. Additionally, it is also discovered that the coming experience will not inherit any likeness from the titular films – adding the malleable nature to develop a trilogy for IO Interactive.

Elsewhere recently, IO Interactive also pressed on the release of Hitman 3. In that, the developer on Twitter issued that the game swiftly earned the title as the most digitally purchased entry in the franchise’s history. You can read the full report by heading here.

Do you see Project 007 becoming a full on trilogy?

Source: The Gamer

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