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Report: Project Scorpio Xbox One X edition leaked.

Leaks are annoying and inevitable, especially for gaming console makers. When Project Scorpio was announced back in 2016 at E3, everyone praised Microsoft for its raw power and the surrounding hype around the console was something I haven’t seen in a while.
Project Scorpio name was dropped when Microsoft officially announced Xbox One X at E3 two months ago, though it seems they’re paying tribute to its codename by having a special Project Scorpio Xbox One X edition. However, no further details have been leaked by the two German retailers – Mediamarkt and Saturn.
Thanks to /r/xboxone for snatching more pictures of the supposedly Project Scorpio Edition for Xbox One X.
Albert Penello did say Xbox had a surprise in store for Gamescom. The Project Scorpio edition could be, indeed, this hidden surprise. Xbox Gamescom is happening this Sunday at 8 PM GMT, 12 PM PT, and 3 PM EST. Will you be tuning in?


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