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Report: Sega Is Working On AAA Reboots Of Crazy Taxi & Jet Set Radio

Posted on April 19, 2022 by Nick Moreno

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As many Sega fans are aware, the Japanese publisher is sitting on a surplus of IP and unique properties that are not in active use. However, Sega appears to be shuffling through its repertoire and exploring what possible titles could be dug out for a modern adaptation. In one financial report, Sega did officially reveal it is considering exploring the option to reboot namely franchises such as Space Channel 5 and Panzer Dragoon.

So far, we witnessed this ambition being left in the hands of third-party teams being outsourced for re-releases with modern ports of the game. This includes the Panzer Dragoon games from Forever Entertainment previously alongside Dotemu with the launch of Streets of Rage 4 as well. But, Sega is reportedly tacking this ambition head-on itself now.

From Bloomberg, Sega is already working on big budget reboots of both Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio. According to sources familiar with the new projects, the two titles are said to be aimed for a release slated for 2024-2025 and is involved with the new “Super Game” initiative pair with Microsoft’s Azure cloud technology that was established back in 2021.

In a separate statement by Sega during an fiscal year report, the firm did clarify its ambitions with the Azure agreement with Microsoft. That being the projects that arrive from the collaboration will not be exclusive to Xbox or its platforms. There is still room to suggest marketing rights is in Microsoft’s hands, but that has yet to be confirmed as of reporting.

Earlier in 2022, Sega announced it will be opening a new studio in Sapporo City. The new founding of the division in the Japanese city is said to assist in “securing a high-quality and stable development line” for its titles. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you hopeful these alleged games later release?

Source: Bloomberg

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