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Report: Sony Interactive Entertainment Staff Not Informed About Microsoft Partnership

Following the news of the new partnership between Sony and Microsoft to better cloud technologies with the two giants combining minds to improve the industry as a whole, this took the world by surprise that the two companies would band together despite their competitive relationship with one another.

Enough of a surprise that even Sony Interactive Entertainment, the party that manages the PlayStation platform was also out of the loop of the new collaboration. Reported from Bloomberg, employees at Sony working on the upcoming, next generation PlayStation had to be reassured that this new partnership would not interfere with the development of the new hardware.

“Staff at the gaming division were caught off-guard by the news. Managers had to calm workers and assure them that plans for the company’s next-generation console weren’t affected.”

As the industry continues to turn its wheels towards cloud-based technologies, this partnership between Sony and Microsoft will offer new paths that the two wouldn’t be able to uncover alone. Especially as game-streamed services like Google’s upcoming Stadia will not require a physical console to play games, this will be a problem that could definitely intrude on both sales and active player numbers if not invested in greatly towards your platform.

Are you excited with Microsoft and Sony working together to better cloud technology in the gaming industry?

Source: Bloomberg

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