Report: Talks Between Microsoft & Discord Ends As The Xbox Company Exits Without A Purchase

Posted on April 20, 2021 by Nick Moreno

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While Microsoft is suggested to be on a spending spree for more projects to better its platform already following the closed deal for its ownership of Bethesda & parent company Zenimax Media, followers were anticipating the latest potential buy from Microsoft to be fulfilled. In that, there were talks for a potential purchase for chatting app, Discord.

In the report from Bloomberg, it was indicated that Microsoft would be offering $10 billion for Discord. Of course, many viewed the deal to be similar to Microsoft’s 2013 acquisition for Skype as well. But what was more interesting is the take from The Verge’s Tom Warren as he suspects the purchase to move Discord cloud servers from Google to Microsoft’s Azure to be the primary motive.

However, the discussion appears to be off the table now according to The Wall Street Journal. In the report, it is told that the two concluded its conversation and that Discord remains independent for the time being. But, the publication does go on to insist that perhaps the discussion will resurface later on in Discord’s timeline.

Although it is uncertain when that is, The Wall Street Journal does relay that Discord decided to remain independent due to the recent profitability from its platform in the past fiscal year. As to why the firm might “rekindle” its discussion is in anticipation for a downfall of the company that could occur later on.

As for other discussions that Microsoft is reported to be involved in, GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb states that Microsoft is in talks with Kojima Productions for a new project. While the plan is still unclear, it is suggested that Hideo Kojima is pressuring the agreement onto the Xbox company.

Additionally, there also happened to be a rumor circulating around Microsoft & Nintendo teaming up for a possible joint project as well. But, the plans for the unannounced endeavor is told to be revealed later on this fall. You can read the full report by heading here.

Are you relieved that Discord remains independent?

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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