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Report: Ubisoft Restructures Development For Skull & Bones, Now A Open-World, Online Service Experience

Posted on July 13, 2020 by Nick Moreno

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Since the conception of Skull & Bones with its initial announcement back during E3 2017, there has been very little detail on the coming open-world, pirate adventure title. Previously, it was reported in May of 2019 – over a year ago – that Ubisoft shared the coming project would be facing a delay. The game’s official Twitter account emphasize, and I quote, “quality first,” with ambitions to continue polishing the experience for a launch in the coming future.

But now in a new reporting from Video Game Chronicles, internal operations on the coming project has to shifted gears in another direction. In the report, the outlet was told from sources involved with the title that Skull & Bones developer Ubisoft Singapore is reworking its aim for the title and will now be transitioning its scope to an online, ‘live’ service model.

Delving deeper into the new changes that are being made for Skull & Bones, Video Games Chronicles is told that the decision was made sometime in 2019 last year to undergo a rethinking for the game. Even more, the efforts in its restructuring of ambitions is told to receive “strong inspiration” from Fortnite’s regarding the battle royale’s “live storytelling.”

Noting that the game did not take the spotlight during this past weekend’s Ubisoft Forward, these new decisions should also suggest that Skull & Bones will most likely be exempt from future livestream presentations promised from the publisher.

As for the new iteration for Skull & Bones that is currently being worked on, it is relayed that the new imaging for the project will include questlines, unique characters, and a continuously growing storyline. With the new structuring of the title, the community is anticipated to develop the world as users continue to play atop of constant updates that will be issued to the game over time.

Although this might appear as an untimely change of pace for Skull & Bones since the project was debuted more than three years ago – Ubisoft has made some effective decisions on the project. The redirection of the title did cost the game’s Creative Director Justin Farren. However, his position was swiftly occupied by former Ubisoft Vice President Elisabeth Pellen. In that, Pellen has history within the roots of Ubisoft as she previously worked on 2005’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.

Do you still plan to keep your eye out for Skull & Bones with this new rethinking for the game?

Skull & Bones is currently listed for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Video Game Chronicles

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